This template comes with few Basic Options to help you further customize your Joomla website. You can choose from logo displaying, to what type of fonts you want on the website. To change the template basic options you simply need to follow the steps below.

  1. Login into the Administration Control Panel of you Joomla website.

  2. For Joomla sites you'll need to navigate to Extensions > Template Manager . Click on the title of your Joomla template.

  3. Below you'll see the templates basic options. There are several basic options to change here so we suggest you play around with them to see what best suits your Joomla website.

    Basic Options

Basic Options Explained

Need Help? Documentation
Helpful documentation for our this template
Remove Branding
This will remove the branding located near the footer of the page.
Civic comes in 6 different color styles
Load modal behavior
Use the modal class in any link tag to open up pop ups instead of new windows. Just add class="modal" to your <a> tags and you will open up pop ups.
Load jQuery
Control the way that jQuery gets loaded (this does not apply for Joomla 3.x, because it loads jQuery from the Joomla core).
Logo Image
Choose how you want to display your logo. You can choose to use the template logo file, a module position, or from a list of images. For more on how to set up your logo see  Logo Setup.
Logo Width
Change the width of the logo depending on your image and the module position located next to the logo will change widths automatically.
Body Font
Choose from several different fonts for the overall site.
Heading Font
Choose from several fonts for the heading on your site.
Choose how you want your columns displayed and the widths of those columns.
Bootstrap grid mode
The Template can work either in a 960px grid (px) or using a fluid grid (%).
Enable Bootstrap's responsive behavior
You can select whether yoy want to hace responsive behavior (mobile/tablet veiw).
Sticky Footer
Select whether you want to force the footer to be always at the bottom of the page.
Bootstrap styles for article images
You can select an style for the intro and full-article images (using the default Joomla Content component).
Enable template documentation mode
Loads docs.css and prettify.js to enhance documentation either for the template or your own project.

Video slider


For each video on the selected videos folder (i.e. images/slider-videos/), you need to have an image with the same name on the images folder (i.e. images/slider-images/).

A video file: images/slider-videos/featured.mp4
An image file: images/slider-images/featured.jpg (the image can be .png too)

You can add custom HTML modules over the videos when the slider is enabled. Assign the module to slider position.

Important: the slider is not enabled in the demo.

Settings for module positions

Grid Bottom

Select if the modules position should be fluid, remove separations and/or add margin from its modules.

Background images for module positions

Background Images

Select an image as background for module positions.

Background colors for module positions

Background Colors

Select a color as background for module positions. See the Color reference table to know the available colors based on the selected style. e.g. "Athens".


3465 Little Street
WS 01305, London




3617 Stanley Avenue
Garden City, NY 11530



940-463-2467 (London)
516-533-1843 (New York)